Americans are struggling to get ahead, eliminate debt and have a growing savings and retirement plan. Debt prevents them from saving enough to get ahead and not saving enough is forcing them into more debt. It’s a revolving cycle. 

Comfort Financial is passionate about solving this issue for all clients and communities. With over 20 years of experience working with multiple financial institutions helping clients with Retirement Planning, Life and Health Insurance, Debt Solutions, and Budget Programs. It became very clear that the traditional financial services business model of just selling products like savings plans, investments and retirement plans was not really helping clients with their current situation. Comfort Financial understands that just focusing on “one side of the financial equation” is not providing the best service for all clients. The other side of the equation, or what we refer to as, “both sides of the equal sign”, needed to be addressed at the same time. We learned this in high school algebra class, Whatever function you do on one side of the equal sign, must also be done on the other side at the same time. Comfort Financial has put together an approach that teaches people how to finally get ahead. Eliminate debt, prevent future debt, and have an aggressive savings plan at the same time. We teach concepts on how to self-finance major purchases with one’s own leveraged savings plan designed for that purpose. Not just save and spend. In other words, we educate people on how to save their way out of debt. Forever!

“Get out of the debt cycle and begin to increase your savings using the safest concepts and services available today.”

Comfort Financial